The Concept

How Whe-Eat Works

We bring foodies and local farmers, producers and chefs together through organised:

  • Cooking classes
  • Gourmet regional food tours
  • Restaurant Appreciation

We source local, fresh and, wherever possible, organic ingredients for all our activities. Then we partner with venues and producers interested in the same things we are – good food, made slowly, eaten slowly.

Whe-eat is based in Melbourne, and we’ll be focusing initially on regional Victorian produce and cuisine.

Our Philosophy

“Try organic food…or as your grandparents called it, ‘Food.’” – Anonymous

Whe-Eat is much more than the events it coordinates. We are guided by the understanding that food doesn’t grow on supermarket shelves. We know you can’t pick and harvest great ingredients from a counter on the side of a highway. We think food deserves undivided attention.

Whe-Eat is about taking time out. It’s about reconnection and re-education. It harks back to days gone by. It’s a celebration of family, friends and great conversation.

Many recipes, traditions and simple pleasures are being lost in this fast world. We want to get foodies to slow down, engage with food production and preparation, and take time out to enjoy food, together. We want recipes written by our Nonnas and Papas to be preserved, not left at the bottom of biscuit tins and kitchen drawers.

Whe-Eat is dedicated to creating opportunities for foodies to slow down and get into that world. We aim to change the way people think about food by showing them how to grow, source and cook the best of it. We want to reignite some of that sizzling slow-cooked passion of the past. Basically, we want you to really, really enjoy your food!

We think that being personally sustainable is something to aspire to.

Whe-Eat Clientele

Whe-Eat is for foodies. Foodies interested in:

  • Good food
  • Fresh seasonal produce
  • Sustainable food production
  • Learning to cook the traditional way


Interested? Join the good food conversation: