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Horticulturist and chef, Matt Baker, founded Whe-Eat to bring foodies, farmers, producers and chefs together. Whe-Eat is all about sharing life’s simple pleasures around a table with great food, good company and local produce.

Matt’s passion for food, alongside his desire to support Australian food producers and sustainable agricultural and farming practices, lead him to establish Whe-Eat.

Matt wanted to create a space where foodies could interact with local producers and cooks. Whe-Eat is all about sharing knowledge, learning and entertaining. It aims to nurture the social aspects of food and foster an environment of enthusiasm around growing, producing, sourcing and cooking fantastic food.

About Matt Baker

Hi. I’m Matt Baker, the very proud owner of Whe-Eat.

My passion for local, sustainable food production started during my country upbringing. Food is just different in the country. Dad and I share the same passion for food – a passion that also shone through during my days as a 80s punk (something I’ve never grown out of). I suppose the do-it-yourself, anti-authority, punk mentality, helped form part of my passion for making food simple, straightforward and honest.

I used to work as a sales manager in various creative industries, including a stint in the Music industry as a DJ, promoter and producer. Then, deciding to start all over again, I jumped into hospitality at the same level a lot of greats start at: Dish Pig. From there, I learned the ropes and eventually completed my full chef training in Sydney. I am also an experienced horticulturist. I learned to care for the soil, the environment and the plants that grow out of it. All good food starts with the soil.

I suppose all this culminated in the launch of Whe-Eat. I moved from Sydney to Melbourne in early 2011 and I am now more inspired than ever by the food industry. Previous colleagues motivated and pushed me to pursue my dream of bringing foodies and food producers together. And that is what Whe-Eat does. It’s the product of all of my passion, creativity and experience. And there’s probably a little bit of punk in there too!

If you’re inquisitive about food and want to know more about growing, sourcing, producing and cooking, then you’re in the right place. I’ve always had a DIY approach to doing things and I relate well to city folks and country folks alike. I look forward to meeting you.

My Vision

I want to share my passion for using regional, seasonal produce in my cooking with those who want to learn and with those who value time spent around the family dinner table.

Whe-Eat is a special, old school approach to food appreciation. It is about:

  • Getting back to basics
  • Slowing people down
  • Family unity
  • Embracing the farm-to-table mentality
  • Celebrating food and life’s simple pleasures
  • Getting hands on about teaching, learning and sharing
  • Fostering individual accountability for sustainable food production

In Melbourne we’re surrounded by amazing foodie venues.

We’re also only an hour or two from some of Victoria’s amazing food producers.

Head over to our Food Tours page to find out about our foodie events.