Cooking Classes

Melbourne Cooking Classes

Are you a Melbourne foodie with a passion for entertaining? Want to impress your friends with awesome food? Maybe you just want the chance to meet some new people or learn new skills?

We’ve got the answer. Try one of our rustic, old school cooking classes using sustainably grown ingredients, sourced locally.

Warning: there will be no microwaves here.

(If this concerns you, maybe you should stay home. It’s OK; we still like you. This just isn’t the place for you).

Cooking Class Format

We teach you about the way food was produced for thousands of years before our fast, modern age took over. That is to say, slowly, with love and gratitude. We source local, fresh and wherever possible, organic ingredients.And the best bit is we eat it all at the end. Yum!

Cooking Class Venue

All our cooking classes are held at varies venues, C.E.R.E.S in Brunswick East & South Melbourne Market, Melbourne. These are both fantastic spaces with a fully equipped commercial kitchen and the perfect dining room to enjoy the food together afterwards.
In 2016 we will be using exclusive Venue down  in Torquay. Stay tuned for those details.

We live in a country abundant with food, choice and opportunity. At Whe-Eat, we love to celebrate that and encourage you to join us at one of our upcoming cooking classes.

A two to three hour personal cooking class will usually cost $100pp, excluding any necessary travel, accommodation.

Private Chef prices vary according to your needs and location. The best thing to do is contact us directly.

Payment of 50% need to be made prior to events and is refundable 7 days out from event if you need to cancel.

Upcoming Cooking Classes

Worried your cooking isn’t up to scratch? Don’t be.

Whe-Eat is about being inclusive and fun. We cover everything you need to know, right from the beginning. All you need to bring is yourself, an open mind and, if you like to sample local wines, a plan to get home!


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